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Ghost Putters Reap Scary Profits

Ghost Putters Reap Scary Profits

TaylorMade Golf this morning announced “huge” second quarter sales for 2012, with metalwoods, irons, putters and footwear “all recording growth rates above 20 percent.”

Along the way, the company reported 29 percent growth in putter sales compared to last year, with nearly all of it driven by the Ghost family of putters (TaylorMade’s only other putter line is called White Smoke, which features the same white finish as the Ghost putters).

When the Ghost putters debuted in the spring of 2010, they engendered no shortage of skepticism: A white putter? Are they crazy?

Crazy like a fox. Numerous tour professionals immediate adopted the putters, several of whom rode them to the winner’s circle. The Ghost putters proved to be equality popular in the retail market.

Now, just two years later, TaylorMade is turning its white putters into oodles of greenbacks. From our perspective, it’s always nice to see positive momentum in the putter market. And kudos TaylorMade for charting a uniquely white path to putter success.

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