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Miura Releases KM-007 Mallet Putter

Miura Releases KM-007 Mallet Putter

Famed Japanese clubmaker Katsuhiro Miura has released the first mallet in his celebrated KM line of putters. Called the KM-007, the mallet joins three KM blades released earlier. The cost of the Miura KM-007 putter is $450.

“Mr. Miura was looking at our putters, and felt we needed to take care of mallet players too,” says Adam Barr, president of Miura. “He came up with this design as a way to fit their eye while offering a soft, authoritative feel in a non-glare, milled finish. Miura-san understands that putting is very personal, and that a handsome look is as important as a solid feel. He didn’t release this design until he was sure he had met both high standards.”

Katsuhiro Miura is a master craftsman who has been making forged clubs for more than 50 years. He is perhaps best known for his forged irons, but his putters have become coveted as well. Check out PutterZone.com’s earlier Miura KM-005 putter review.

As with the other KM putters, the KM-007 begins with a billet of carbon steel. The putter head is forged into its raw shape, then precision milled into its final shape.  Of the four Miura KM putter models, the KM-007 is the closest to being face balanced. In putter fitting terms, this means that the KM-007 can accommodate straight-back-and-through strokes as well as slighty arcing strokes. For those who employ a strong “swinging door” arc, the company recommends the KM-350 blade, which is more toe down in balance.


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