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Putter Refinishing

Putter Refinishing

If you have a favorite old putter that is getting a bit long in the aesthetic tooth, don’t despair—get it refinished instead.

Indeed, putter refinishing is a fairly easy and relatively affordable way to breathe new life into a seemingly dead putter. Pictured here is a T.P. Mills Workshop putter by Mizuno that was refinished by Black Oxide Service for us nearly five years ago, and it’s still in beautiful condition (of course, we’ve been babying it ever since!).

We bought this putter on eBay, because we’ve always had a soft spot for the T.P. Mills putters by Mizuno. Prior to refinishing, it was mottled and rough around the edges, with bits of rust and a few small nicks. After it was refinished, however, it looked like a brand new putter.

This putter is made from carbon steel, and even after refinishing it requires a periodic application of mineral oil to protect the black oxide finish from the elements. As you can see, so far, so good.

The beauty of putter refinishing isn’t just that you can restore an old putter, but also customize it as well. You can choose new paintfill colors, glossy or matte finishes, and even personalized engravings. For this Mizuno T.P. Mills putter, we chose a yellow, red and white paintfill scheme, which we thought looked cool with the black. The finish is a three-tone finish: we chose matte for the crown, high gloss for the sole and satin for the face.

Black Oxide Service is one of several putter refinishing outfits. Most of them can re-shaft and re-grip your putter, too. So don’t give up on your old putter if it’s looking bedraggled. Just get it refinished, and trick it out while you’re at it.

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