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Sneak Peek: T.P. Mills Lefty Softail

Sneak Peek: T.P. Mills Lefty Softail

Who says lefties never get the goods?

Here’s a sneak peek at a left-handed Softtail model that will be offered soon by the T.P. Mills. Company. We’re told that 10 of these heads are being produced, in both stainless steel and carbon steel. The finishes will range from bright black oxide to oil can to sapphire, as well as flamed stainless steel.

It’s always cool to see putter heads in progress, still in the hands of the craftsman. In this case, the craftsman is Mr. David Mills, son of the famed T.P. Mills who started making putters in the early 1960s. The Softtail is a classic Mills family design, noted for its curvaceous raised toe profile.

We’re told that these putters are the precursors to the new T.P. Mills M Series putters. Details on the T.P. Mills M Series putters seem to be scarce at the moment, but should be forthcoming soon.

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