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A T.P. Mills Putter Steal

A T.P. Mills Putter Steal

When it comes to putter royalty, it’s hard to beat T.P. Mills, the pioneer of hand-milled flatsticks dating back to the 1960s.

With their unquestionable quality, creative designs and distinctive crosshairs icon, Mr. Mills’ putters helped pave the way for the artisan putter category. Today, Mr. Mills’ son, David Mills, continues to lead the family charge, crafting some of the finest milled putters around.

On that note, we were excited to learn of a new short-run offering of T.P. Mills 1310 Tradition putters for the relatively affordable price of $250 (a typical T.P. Mills putter costs well north of $300). The 1310 Tradition model is a heel-toe weighted blade milled from soft 1030 carbon steel.

We reached out to Jay Green, sales manager for T.P. Mills, to get the scoop. Jay explained that the putter heads were originally destined for the company’s Anvil Series line (originally $299), which was recently discontinued.

“We made the Anvil Series for two years, and we made them as good as we could make them, with the best materials, everything milled from a forging of the finest metals,” Jay says. “But they just didn’t sell online. The online customer apparently is more interested in our custom putters.”

Recently, however, Jay received a box of three dozen Anvil Series 1310 Tradition model putter heads that had somehow gotten lost in the shuffle. “We’d sent them out for some final finish work, and they got misplaced,” he says. “One day this box arrives, and there they are.”

Hence this surprise offering of the last of the Anvil Series putters at a very tempting price. Green says that only eight of the final 36 putters remain. So if you’ve been waiting for a deal on a T.P. Mills putter, your time may have come. Just search “T.P. Mills putters” on Google to find their online shop.

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