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Triangulate Your Putter

Triangulate Your Putter

The SeeMore Putter Company this morning shared an interesting new video demonstrating the challenges of establishing perfect aim on the putting green— and how a unique putting aid can help put your putter on the straight and narrow.

The lesson was filmed at the recent the Zach Johnson Foundation Classic, and it features the “SeeMore Triangulator,” a simple device that precisely measures where your putter is pointed.

Research shows that alignment is a problem that plagues average amateur golfers. Professionals aren’t perfect, but they are better at compensating for it.

When the face is square to the correct target line at impact, the ball travels on its intended path. If the face is aiming left or right of the target line at impact, the ball will miss the line to an equal degree. Needless to say, consistently poor alignment can cause immense frustration around the green.

As SeeMore puts it, “Your mind has to ‘see’ where you are aiming,” and this video provides some nice tips for making that happen.

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