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Insider Interview: SeeMore Putter Institute

Insider Interview: SeeMore Putter Institute

Ted Gallina is a PGA professional and the director of instruction for the SeeMore Putter Institute (SPi), which is operated by the SeeMore Putter Company. Since 2007, Ted has been teaching golfers to become better putters through “improved fundamentals, focus, and consistency,” all revolving around SeeMore’s RifleScope alignment system. Recently, SeeMore launched its SeeMore Putter Institute as a nationwide network of golf instructors dedicated to putting improvement. We caught up with Ted to learn more about SPi and what it offers. Following is our exclusive interview:

In a nutshell, what is SPi, and what makes it different?
The SeeMore Putter Institute equips instructors with a system for teaching that will drive more game improvement for their students, as they generate more revenue through lessons and putter sales as a leader in putting instruction. The SeeMore Putter Company is perfectly built to support SPi Instructors because all SeeMore Putters feature RifleScope Technology (RST), which reinforces a consistent alignment, setup and stroke on every putt. SeeMore putters combine performance and beauty with theory. SPi instructors are the tool to vocalize the theory to their students and equip them with a system for game improvement.

Why did you start SPi?
Statistics show that putting accounts for about 45 percent of strokes during a round of golf. The P.G.A. reported that only 6 percent of golf lessons include putting instruction. SeeMore identified that instructors have opportunities to learn how to be an expert instructor with the full swing, but many top instructors are not equipped with the tools and methods for properly teaching putting. The SeeMore Putter Institute fills the gap and will provide the answers on putters and everything related to putting.

What are the performance typical gains you see in a golfer who takes lessons from an SPi instructor?
After a student receives SPi instruction and is correctly fitted for a SeeMore putter, they continue to improve and grow confidence in their putting because a SeeMore putter continues to reinforce many of the foundational keys that a SPi Instructor speaks about in their lessons. Pat O’Brien, SeeMore’s Global Putting Ambassador, first used SPi teachings when he introduced Zach Johnson to SeeMore on a mini-tour in 2002. Through Zach beginning to use the SeeMore putter and implementing SPi instruction in his game, he set himself apart by setting the all-time tour putting record on the Web.com tour in 2003 by having 1.699 putts per green in regulation over an entire season. Because of SPi Instruction, Zach understood why he was putting well, which is the key to consistency. Zach’s system is continuing to prove itself as he has now won nine PGA Tour tournaments, including the Masters.

Thanks, Ted! Stay tuned, as we will be reporting on new SeeMore putters in the months ahead.

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