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Four Putts from Three Feet

Well, this is painful to watch. Or perhaps comforting, depending on your perspective.

On the professional tours, three-putts are fairly rare. But four-putts? Starting just three feet from the hole? By a Masters Champion, no less? Very rare.

Yet that’s what¬†Charl Schwartzel did the other day. On his first putt, he came in hot, and the ball circled around the rim of the hole, giving him another three-footer. He seemed to rush his next putt, and the same thing happened. Obviously pissed off, he tried to tap the next putt in with the back of his putter and missed. Mercifully, he turned his putter back around, and the next one went in.

So yes, it’s hard to watch. But for the average recreational golfer who has missed his or her share of easy ones, perhaps there’s some solace in knowing that even the best in the world can melt down from three feet.

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  1. Yes I saw the video of this last week. Quite incredible to see a professional golfer do this during a tournament. I found it hard to believe he backhanded that 3rd putt, I would have expected better from a professional.

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