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New Cleveland HB Putters

New Cleveland HB Putters

The best deal in putters may be getting even sweeter with the upcoming release of the Cleveland Classic Collection HB putters, which will be available this fall for $89.

Essentially, these putters are updates of the Cleveland Classic putters that we’ve come to know and love for offering a remarkable combination of quality, playability and price. In fact, Jerry Kelly even used a Cleveland Classic putter to win a $1 million tournament on the PGA Tour.

The Cleveland Classic Collection HB putter line consists of four blades (models 1, 3, 7), one mallet (model 10) and one mallet belly putter (model 6, costing a little more at $129). Improvements to earlier Classic putters include  a Winn grip with a softer texture, as well as a deeper milling pattern on the face for a softer feel. Since the grip was one of our few quibbles with the earlier Classic putters, the new grip bodes well.

Also, the Cleveland HB putters feature a snazzier look than their Classic predecessors, with the phrase “Designed in Huntington Beach, CA” rendered on the sole, and the words “Face Milled” on the face. For bargain-hunting golfers, these putters could be considered an early Christmas gift.


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