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Unboxing! The Deluxe Puttle Kit

Unboxing! The Deluxe Puttle Kit

Just in time for the holidays, we have received the latest creation from K.O. Kleppert: The Deluxe Puttle Kit.

Kleppert, whom we call “the minister of putting fun,” created the simple game of Puttle several years ago, whereby you hone your putting skills by knocking down small pins. We’ve been a fan of the game¬†dating back five years, as it provides an entertaining bonding experience for kids and adults alike.

Now he has released the Deluxe Puttle Kit, which includes the original Puttle game, as well as an official Puttle Matt and Puttle Adjustable Length putter. The kit costs $49. We’ll review the kit soon, but in the meantime we thought we’d share these unboxing pictures, showing the two included putter shafts and the official matt (not to mention one very curious cat!). We have a feeling that this kit is going to find its way under a few Christmas trees this year.

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