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New Odyssey Metal-X Arm Lock Putters

New Odyssey Metal-X Arm Lock Putters

Well, that didn’t take long.

Two days ago, we reported on the proposed USGA ban on the act of anchoring belly putters to the body, and noted that belly putters could still be used by those who prefer to anchor the shaft to the arm instead of the body.

It took 48 hours for Odyssey Golf to present a solution: the Odyssey Metal-X Arm Lock putter.

The Odyssey Metal-X Arm Lock Putter will be available in two models: the Metal-X #7 and the Metal-X DART. According to the company, “The specs of these two putters have been optimized through research and testing, and allow golfers to extend the shaft and grip up their lead forearm for consistent performance and control through the stroke…These putters conform to the anticipated ruling and offer an alternative method of stabilizing the putter through a natural-feeling extension of the golfer’s arm.”

In other words, Odyssey saw the ban coming, made some tweaks and smartly maneuvered to keep its long putter business booming. As they say in the Guiness commercials: “Brilliant!”

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  1. That’s a very smart move by Odyssey. They obviously saw that the bad news coming and were prepared.

    I’m wondering how many of the touring professionals will switch to this sort of putter?

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