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Odyssey’s New Versa Alignment Aid

Odyssey’s New Versa Alignment Aid

Odyssey Golf is no stranger to innovation, so we probably shouldn’t be surprised that they may have pulled another rabbit out of the hat with their new Odyssey Versa putters, which are built around a surprising new “Visionary High Contrast Alignment” feature.

As we wrote in our putter fitting book Putter Perfection, “Golfers have individual optical tendencies and setup styles that can affect how they ‘see’ the putter at address. So with all other factors being equal, a putter that looks square to the line to one golfer might look hooked or open to another. Therefore, the same putter can convey entirely different alignment experiences to different golfers. Also, just because a putter looks square to the line doesn’t mean that it is—there could be other visual factors creating the illusion that the face is square when, in fact, it is slightly open or closed.”

For some golfers, the Versa putter could prove to be a brilliant solution to this common problem. The Versa’s pronounced black-and-white lines are designed to accentuate the face angle at address. As such, unlike a traditional sightline, the Versa lines run perpendicular to the target line.

Your target line doesn’t choose you. You choose your target line. Assuming that you’ve chosen the right line, the next essential step is squaring your putter face to that line. A traditional directional sightline on the crown of the putter is of little help if the putter face isn’t square in the first place. And that’s where the Odyssey Versa seems to offer a breakthrough in the visual aid department.

We weren’t crazy about Odyssey’s earlier D.A.R.T alignment feature, as it seemed a bit too esoteric and complicated. But the Versa alignment technology is refreshingly simple, and potentially quite effective.

Optics can be a tricky thing, particularly on the putting green. The Versa may not be for everyone, but it could be a boon to many.

Stay tuned for PutterZone.com’s Odyssey Versa putter review.

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