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New Rife Putters for 2013

New Rife Putters for 2013

Rife putters is being reborn in 2013, and so far we like what we’re seeing.

Rife has a long, storied and recently tortured history. But the Rife brand has apparently retooled and reloaded under the ownership of Innovex Golf, because some of their new sticks look sick, in the best possible way.

Pictured here is the Rife Phenom putter (wow!). Other new putters include the Rife Hero putter, Rife El Capitan Putter and Rife Iconic putter. Stay tuned here for more on the new Rife putters for 2013.

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  1. Putter looks sweet…. minus the chrome like finish. I really hope it’s the lighting and not the actual finish. Satin would be great.

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