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Stan Utley Joins PING Golf

Stan Utley Joins PING Golf

Two heavyweights in the world of putting have teamed up for a powerhouse pairing: PING Golf and short game guru Stan Utley.

“I’ve had great admiration for PING clubs ever since I played my first set in college,” said Utley after officially joining the PING staff. “In particular, PING’s fitting systems are the most thorough and precise in golf.”

In his 2005 book The Art of Putting, Utley showcases his PING putters prominently, including a PING Anser putter his instructor gave him when he was 20 years old, as well as another Anser putter he used to set a PGA Tour record of just six putts in nine holes.

We interviewed Stan Utley in 2011 after he published The Art of The Swing, and he talked about the importance of putter fitting: “I don’t want the player to fit themselves to the instrument, I want the instrument fit to the player.”

Utley’s home base is Scottsdale, which is right in the backyard of PING’s Phoenix headquarters. Seems like a bit of destiny might have been involved in this pairing.


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