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Whitlam CU-1 Putter Peek

Whitlam CU-1 Putter Peek

Whitlam Golf is now in the copper business, rolling out new CU-1 and W model mallets milled from pure copper. A copper blade companion is teed up for release in February.

We are fortunate to have one of these copper beauties in hand, the Whitlam CU-1 putter, which features SPI (Sole Plate Insert) Technology. The black aluminum plate distributes more relative weight toward the perimeters of the head to enlarge the putter’s sweet spot. Pictured here is the straight center-shafted version. It is also available with a double-bend heel shaft.

As you can see, this is a putter that will turn some heads. Enjoy this peek, and stay tuned for the full review of the Whitlam CU-1 putter.

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