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Whitlam Unveils Copper Beauties

Whitlam Unveils Copper Beauties

Whitlam Golf is putting the pedal to the metal in early 2013 with a new series of putters milled from pure copper.

The Whitlam CU-1 and W copper mallets were released in November, while a copper blade is in the works and set for release in early to mid February (prototype pictured below).

According to Whitlam Golf’s Rob Hylton, “Copper is much softer than stainless. The look is pretty dramatic because of the copper, but the precise milling makes it even more striking. There is a clear coat that holds off weathering for a decent amount of time. After a while, though, depending on climate, use and care, it will develop a nice patina.”

We love the sound of that. It hearkens back to the days of the old PING bronze manganese Anser putters, which developed a magnificent patina as a vivid reflection of your time spent on the course.

While the CU-1 and W mallets are similar, the CU-1 features David Whitlam’s Sole Plate Insert technology (SPI). This technology consists of an aluminum plate in the center rear sole of the putter, which enlarges the sweet spot by distributing more relative weight out toward the heel and toe.

The Whitlam CU-1 putter and Whitlam W putter come in both center-shafted and double-bend heel-shafted models. Details on the Whitlam Devon copper blade putter are scarce at the moment, but stay tuned at PutterZone.com for updates as well as our upcoming Whitlam putter review.

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