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Coming Soon: Odyssey Tank Putter

Coming Soon: Odyssey Tank Putter

Odyssey today announced the imminent arrival of it’s new Odyssey Tank putter, which aims to enhance stability and forgiveness through heightened Moment of Inertia (MOI). MOI is a measurement of a club’s resistance to twisting and turning at impact on miss hits.

According to Odyssey, “Traditionally, MOI has been measured only at the head level, but by weighting all of the components in harmony to dial in a balance point, the team at Odyssey has raised the MOI of the entire club.”

A key feature is “Counterbalance Stability Weighting,” which combines a heavy 400-gram head with a heavy 150-gram shaft to quiet the hands and offer more stability through impact.

The Tank putter features Odyssey’s updated White Hot insert. Look for the Odyssey Tank putter in golf shops start April 12.


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