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Stricker’s Tip Fires Up Tiger’s Putter

Stricker’s Tip Fires Up Tiger’s Putter

At the WGC-Cadillac Championship yesterday, Tiger Woods scorched the greens, racking up just 26 putts in the wake of an impromptu putting lesson from Steve Stricker.

“You don’t want to screw a guy up,” Stricker said. “But when I left him last night, he was really excited and it looked like he was rolling it really good then.”

Stricker noticed that Woods’ setup was too open.

He said, “His big swing gets into his setup of his putting stroke and he’s been chipping a lot, so he gets way to the left and his grip was on a little strong and he was kind of dropping it back and under and then trying to save it and turn it over. And he actually had his hands behind the ball. Looked like he had a lot of loft on there when I was looking at it…So just tried to get him set up in a better position where he could feel like he could accelerate down through the line a little bit. And he really felt good.”

While reworking his swing under Sean Foley, Woods has remarked several times that the putting stroke is essentially a microcosm of the full swing. But it sounds like he may have taken that concept too far, and now Stricker’s tip may breathed a bit of new life into his stroke.

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