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New SeeMore zSeries Tour Limited Putters

New SeeMore zSeries Tour Limited Putters

Six years ago, the newly reborn SeeMore Putter Company got a major shot in the arm when Zach Johnson used an original SeeMore FGP blade en route to earning the green jacket at the 2007 Masters tournament.

Now, on the eve of the 2013 Masters, SeeMore has unveiled a new line of putters, perhaps with the hopes of conjuring up another bit of Masters magic along the way. The new SeeMore zSeries Tour Limited putters offer a new scooped-flange look while retaining SeeMore’s signature RifleScope alignment feature.

The zSeries putters are milled in the United States from 303 stainless steel, and feature adjustable weighting to customize swingweight, feel and toe release patterns. The accompanying weight kit includes two milled aluminum and two milled stainless steel heel and toe weights, allowing for a weight range of 340 to 360 grams. There are currently four models in the line: the z2 blade, z2c blade, z3 mallet and z3c mallet. The cost of the zSeries putters is $395.


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