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New Brex Putter Offers Fitting Package

New Brex Putter Offers Fitting Package

At PutterZone.com, we wrote the book on putter fitting. So we’re always excited when putter companies make it easier for golfers to find the right fit.

The latest company to join the putter fitting fray is Brex Golf based in Knoxville, which offers its new BG-1 putter ($299) with an innovative modular hosel system. The golfer can choose from three available hosels of varying offset. Each hosel offers its own look and balance configuration, enabling the golfer to match the putter to his or her eye and stroke.

Here’s where it gets interesting…The company offers a “complete” package ($475), whereby the golfer receives all three hosels attached to ready-to-go shafts, enabling the golfer to try and compare all three. After you’ve made your choice, Brex Golf will buy back the other two for $80 each.

“There is currently a lot of talk about customization and getting fitted by a professional,” says Brex Golf founder Brett Burdick. “There are tests for stroke arc and eye dominance and other factors. But with the BG-1 Complete Package, one doesn’t need to know any of that…Simply try them all and keep the one that works. Basically, a golfer can get custom fit at home.”

We can’t say that the do-it-yourself fitting method is comparable to a professional fitting session. But the fact is that most recreational golfers have never even thought about putter fitting. So there’s something to be said for not only getting the conversation started, but also providing tools that enable the golfer to embark on the putter fitting journey and benefit from the process of discovery.

“It was particularly striking to me when an editor of a golf magazine and I rolled some balls at his course about a year ago using prototypes of all three putter hosel designs,” Burdick says. “After about 20 minutes, he said, ‘I don’t know why, but I can sink more putts with this one.’ That’s exactly what I’m getting at with this design.”

The Brex BG-1 putter comes with a patented alignment aid called the Half-Pipe, which is offered in options of black or white. According to Burdick: “The design encourages the golfer to get his or her eyes over the ball. When that is achieved, the center line at the bottom of the Half-Pipe becomes a straight line and it is aligned with the center line on top of the body. The Half-Pipe is also the width of a golf ball to help perfectly frame the ball for easy alignment.”

Stay tuned at PutterZone.com for more news about the Brex Golf BG-1 putter.

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  2. This is a great idea from golf manufacturers making it a lot easier for players to custom make a putter just right for them.

    I wish this was available years ago!

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