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Five Hot Putters for Summer 2013

Five Hot Putters for Summer 2013

The summer golf season is upon us, and for many golfers, that means the hunt is on for hot new gear. Here are some of our top putter picks for the summer golf season ahead:

Cleveland Classic HB Putters (starting at $89)
The HB putters are the latest iteration of Cleveland’s Classic putter line, which has earned legendary “best putter buy” status over the past five years. For less than $100, the Cleveland Classic HB putters offer rock-solid playability with clean looks and nice feel. ‘Nuff said.

Kronos Touch Putter ($350)
Kronos Golf is an up-and-coming putter company founded by two young entrepreneurs from northern San Diego County, which is ground zero of the putter milling industry. The Touch putter is a forward-thinking classic, combining traditional shaping with subtle performance innovations and a unique point of view. The Kronos Touch putter is precision milled from a solid block of carbon steel, without any welds or stampings. Check out our full Kronos Touch putter review. You can learn more about Kronos putters in the inaugural PutterZone Podcast.

Whitlam Copper CU-1 Putter ($500)
Wowza, this mallet putter is a beauty. The Whitlam CU-1 stands out from the crowd with its brilliant copper head, gorgeous curves and unique sole plate insert technology, which distributes weight to the perimeter and enlarges the sweet spot. The feel of the CU-1 is as sexy as the look, striking a fine balance between suppleness and crispness. The supermodel looks, however, come with a supermodel price. Check out our full Whitlam putter review.

Yes! i4-TECH Stephanie ($179)
Yes! Golf’s Stephanie putter is smooth and sleek on the outside, but packed with technology on the inside. The four-piece C-Groove face insert features polymer backing to enhance roll and provide a softer feel, while a tungsten weighting feature increases the MOI for amplified forgiveness.

Odyssey Versa Putters (starting at $169)
While most putters features sightlines that are parallel to your target line, the Odyssey Versa putters go against the grain with black-and-white striping that is perpendicular to the target line. The point is to provide a high-contract optical reference to help the golfer more effectively get the putter face square to the line. And when the face is square to the line, you’re in the perfect starting position to put the ball on the right path. The Versa putters offer a nice out-of-the-box alternative for gofers who struggle with alignment.

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