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Putt Better: Dave Stockton’s Tee Drill

Putt Better: Dave Stockton’s Tee Drill

Whether you’re standing over a three-footer or a six-footer, the target—that is, the hole—has a tendency to loom large. It’s hard to stop thinking about it, and to avoid stealing an extra glance, all at the expense of your focus and confidence.

Putting legend Dave Stockton, however, offers a curative drill that he learned from his father. As he explains in his new book Unconscious Putting:

Another simple visualization technique my dad used with me was to push a tee into the ground an inch or so in front of my ball, on the line I was about to putt. My goal was to go through my routine, see my line, set up to the ball looking at my target, use my last glance down to look at the tee, and then roll the ball over that tee. Focusing on a closer target helps keep you from being so concerned about results. You want to feel like you’re making a good roll, and once you do that, the make or miss is out of your control.

As Stockton adds, “It helps disconnect the idea of consequences—using the same routine for every stroke is the goal.”

Dave Stockton’s Unconscious Putting belongs to our Top Golf Book Picks. The above excerpts are reprinted with permission from Gotham Books, a division of the Penguin Group, copyright © 2013 by Dave Stockton.

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