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Putting Videos Added to Tiger Woods’ App

Putting Videos Added to Tiger Woods’ App

Tiger Woods’ “My Swing” mobile app has now been updated to include new putting instruction videos.

The new putting videos introduce Woods’ thoughts and advice on eye line, ball position, setup alignment and stroke line. The videos are relatively short, and not really earth-shattering. That said, they are instructive and engaging. Where else are you going to get putting tips straight from the world’s best golfer?

In the videos, Woods’ demonstrates how his stoke path follows a natural arc; how he likes to position the ball so that the vertical center of the putter face strikes the equator of the ball; and why he maintains a slightly open stance at setup, among other things. Woods’ Nike Method putter also plays a starring role.

The app gets mixed reviews in the iTunes store, with reviewers complaining about frequent crashing. For us, the app has been stable, and well worth the $4.95 investment, particularly now that putting insights are included as part of a new monthly video update series within the app.

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