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Tour Sticks: Jason Day’s Putter

Tour Sticks: Jason Day’s Putter

Jason Day came from Down Under and roared onto the PGA Tour starting in 2010, and has been a formidable presence ever since. He has already tied for second place at the Masters and U.S. Open, and has notched three tour victories along the way.

At the time of this writing, Jason Day’s putter is a TaylorMade Ghost Spider S. The Ghost Spider S is the successor to the original Ghost Spider, which itself was a mashup of TaylorMade’s popular Ghost and Spider putter lines.

The Ghost Spider S ($180) features a new non-transition black crown. The contrast between the white topline and black crown brings visual clarity to the face angle and promotes proper aim along the way. The Ghost Spider S is also packed with high MOI (moment of inertia), which makes the putter more stable and forgiving on miss-hits.

Who should use it: Golfers seeking a highly forgiving, alignment-oriented putter.

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  1. Michael Keefrider

    What is the difference between the Ghost Spider S and the Scotty Cameron equivalent looking putter?

    • You probably mean the Cameron Futura? Well, the Spider S has the white topline for those who want that effect for enhanced alignment. The feel will be different, as the Spider has an insert face as opposed to the milled metal face of the Futura. They will handle differently, too, based on their individual properties (head weight, MOI, etc.).

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