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Tour Sticks: Matt Kuchar’s Putter

Tour Sticks: Matt Kuchar’s Putter

Matt Kuchar is on a roll, having won the Memorial tournament as well as the recent Match Play Championship using the unorthodox “arm lock” putting method. With the announced upcoming ban on anchored putting—ie: the traditional belly putter method—the arm lock method is likely to become more mainstream as golfers seek out alternatives for stabilizing their stroke.

Matt Kuchar’s putter is a Bettinardi Signature 1 from Kuchar’s new namesake line from Bettinardi Golf. In keeping with the arm lock method, Kuchar doesn’t anchor his 44.75-inch putter to his torso, but rather to the inside of his leading arm.

The Matt Kuchar Signature 1 putter by Bettinardi is milled from soft carbon steel and finished with a pewter PFV coating. This blade’s wider profile, according to designer Robert Bettinardi, “gives you the impression of more mass behind the ball.” This visual sturdiness, combined with the arm-lock method, is sure to attract golfers seeking a safe haven from the anchored putting ban, which is set to take effect in 2016.

Who should use it: Golfers seeking an anchored alternative to the traditional belly putter.

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