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Unboxing! Rife 2-Bar Legend Putter

Unboxing! Rife 2-Bar Legend Putter

You can call this a legend reborn, as the Rife 2-Bar is back for 2013 with a new look and attitude.

The new Rife 2-Bar Legend Z putter ($199) hearkens back to Rife’s original glory days, when the first 2-Bar putters made a splash and set the company on a wildly successful trajectory starting in 2005.

The new 2-Bar is more compact that the original mallets, and seems to borrow a bit from both the earlier 2-Bar Hybrid and Barbados models in overall shaping. The result is a sleek 2-Bar putter that manages to look both familiar and fresh.

In this unboxing gallery, you can see Rife’s patented horizontal RollGroove face technology, which aims to establish immediate topspin upon contact. The dual bars act as an alignment aid and stabilizing force, and feature removable weights allowing for swingweight alteration. The head is made from 6061 aluminum and weighs in at 360 grams with the installed weights (which can be removed to lighten the head).

The Rife Two-Bar Legend Z putter comes with a white velcro head cover with a zippered pocket containing a small allen wrench for weight removal. The grip is a blue Winn AVS.

Stay tuned for PutterZone’s Rife 2-Bar Legend Z putter review.

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