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A Vintage T.P. Mills Putter Classic

A Vintage T.P. Mills Putter Classic

PutterZone.com is geared toward the average golfer, which is why we don’t make a habit of writing about collectible $900 putters. But this one is the occasional exception…

Pictured here is a putter that came across our virtual desk today, specifically a handmade vintage blade crafted by the legendary T.P. Mills approximately 25 to 30 years ago.

Recognized as a pioneer of the milled putter category, the late T.P. Mills began making putters in his garage in 1962. Today, the T.P. Mills putter tradition is carried on by his son, David Mills.

Check out this masterpiece of old-school putter design with its slender blade profile and classic T.P. Mills crosshairs icon on the face. It just oozes cool. Apparently, the T.P. Mills company came into possession of this putter from a collector who wanted to cash it back in. The putter comes with an original leather Lamkin reverse stitch grip.

Is it worth $900? It all depends on your perspective (not to mention your financial situation). At the very least, it’s fun to get a look at such a fine piece of history, one that passed through hands of one of the most underrated names in the putter world.

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