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Cool Stuff: Dead Zero Putting Disk

Cool Stuff: Dead Zero Putting Disk

The Dead Zero Putting Disk is inspired by the concept of small-target putting to elevate accuracy and confidence. In fact, reduced-size target training exists in almost every sport.

But what if you don’t have access to reduced-diameter cups on your local practice green? That’s where the Dead Zero Putting Disk ($25) delivers a portable alternative that you can use on any green or at your home.

As inventor Eric Schmitt told us: “Give it my 10-Putt Challenge. Take 10 putts at it from four to six feet away, then turn and aim at a regulation cup and see if you don’t experience greater confidence and the feeling that the regulation cup looks bigger than normal.”

We did, and it worked. It’s a cool feeling to turn away from the disk and face a regulation cup, and have it look larger than normal.

Now, if small-target putting practice is beneficial, you may be wondering why you wouldn’t just pick up a rock of roughly the same circumference and use that instead of the Dead Zero Putting Disk?

It would be cheaper, for sure—but not nearly as cool. You see, the Dead Zero Putting Disk isn’t just a cheap piece of plastic. Rather, it’s milled from anodized aluminum. It looks sharp. It has heft. It feels really nice in the hands. It’s smooth and solid, and it will likely last a lifetime. It also comes with a soft drawstring bag and a sweet little ball marker.

Also, according to Schmitt, the size of the Dead Zero Putting Disk is based on research, so that any putt that hits or even grazes the disk at an ideal pace would have gone into a regulation-sized hole.

The Dead Zero Putting Disk is sleek, simple and effective, making it a worthy addition to any putting practice routine. ‘Nuff said.

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