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Tour Sticks: Zach Johnson’s Putter

Tour Sticks: Zach Johnson’s Putter

Zach Johnson may be most known for winning the 2007 Masters, but as of this writing, he’s also atop the leaderboard of the British Open and has a total of nine PGA Tour victories to his name.

Zach Johnson’s putter is a classic SeeMore FGP blade from the original SeeMore Putter Company. The FGP is a uniquely rendered blade and one of golf’s most enduring models.

The FGP’s signature feature is SeeMore’s RifleScope alignment technology, with a red dot and two white lines on the rear crown of the putter. At setup, you visually align the putter’s straight shaft so that it hides the red dot and is framed by the white lines. This visual reference helps you square the putter to the target line and fosters a consistent setup.

SeeMoreFGPThe SeeMore FGP was made famous by Payne Stewart in 1999 when he staged an epic putting performance to win the U.S. Open. At the time, Stewart had a young friend named Pat O’Brien, who was also a tour representative for SeeMore. O’Brien later became a professional putting instructor, and Johnson becoming one of O’Brien’s putting students. It’s easy to connect the dots and see how the SeeMore FGP became Johnson’s trusty best putter.

While the SeeMore Putter Company was successfully re-launched in 2006, they have smartly kept the original FGP as one of their ongoing offerings.

Who should use it: Golfers with an arcing stroke who want the assurance of a proven alignment system.

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