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Cool Stuff HOF: Kentwool Golf Socks

Cool Stuff HOF: Kentwool Golf Socks

Our Cool Stuff series is designed to showcase the latest and greatest gear on, around and even off the putting green. We now introduce our Cool Stuff Hall of Fame (HOF) to revisit stuff that has met the test of time and that continues to be a staple of our personal golfing experience.

First up: Kentwool premium golf socks.

We first reviewed Kentwool’s Tour Profile socks exactly three years ago. Ever since, they have remained our go-to golf socks. We always knew that they were comfortable, but they have proven to be durable as well.

Kentwool golf socks are made with air-infused super fine merino wool yarn with a bit of nylon, polyester and spandex in the mix for a variety of performance advantages, such as enhanced cushioning at micro stress points and integrated venting panels. It may sound counterintuitive to wear a wool sock on a hot day on the course, but trust us, these socks still feel dry and light by time you’re headed to the 19th hole.

Kentwool golf socks aren’t cheap (a pair will cost you $20 and above), but we can’t recommend them enough for comfort and quality. And that’s why they’re in our Cool Stuff Hall of Fame.

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  1. My Kentwool socks are really comfortable. My feet have been taking a beating lately from all the rounds I have walked lately. When I finally made the transition into wearing the KentWool golf socks, I could really tell the difference. The socks are comfortable and didn’t slip off the heel of my foot. This is an important factor when it comes to low profile socks. I have heard claims of these KentWool Golf Socks being odor resistant. I was hesitant to sniff my socks after a full round but with that being said… No odor! Also, the socks are meant to prevent blisters and keep your feet from feeling fatigued. Though I have never really felt fatigue in my feet, the socks are crazy comfortable.

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