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Dave Stockton Joins Nike Putters

Dave Stockton Joins Nike Putters

Nike Golf announced today that the company has signed major champion and professional putting guru Dave Stockton to assist with the development and design of new Nike putters and other products.

Stockton says, “I look forward to sharing my putter insights with Nike engineers so they can continue to create amazing products that help golfers putt better.”

Stockton (pictured here with his two sons, Ron and Dave, Jr.) is the author of The Art of Scoring, and his short game students have included Phil Mickelson, Rory McIlroy and Suzann Petterson. As a professional golfer, Stockton won 10 tournaments, including two majors. Stockton was previously aligned with TaylorMade Golf.

We are looking forward to what Stockton brings to the putter design table at Nike Golf. The Method putter line has matured into Nike’s most successful family of putters, but it’s probably time for something new, and that’s where Stockton comes in.

Check out our recent interview with Mr. Stockton to get the scoop on his approach to putting instruction.

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  1. Great pick up for Nike considering Dave Stockton’s stature in the world of golf in putting. There’s not too many better in the world.

    • Stop drinking the Kool-Aid guys. It’s not the arrow, it’s the Indian.” You can’t putt because you can’t learn from your mistakes when you practice and you can’t find it in a book or a lesson program. It takes time and immediate feedback while you’re practicing to learn the art of putting. Which by the way isn’t a persons opinion of how to putt by rather a knowledge of WHY you miss putts.

      Let me ask you one question to see if you understand my point, ” Do you practice like you play, working ball speed with the ball’s intended starting line after you have assumed the correct green speed for a particular putt? I thought not…you just hit a few putts and go to the fist tee. There are no magic putters, instructors, or methodology that teaches putting unless of course you have a pocket full of money and idiot written across your forehead. Then of course you can find a guy that will relieve you of that extra cash. Verification of alignment, controlling the ball’s speed, and immediate feedback as to why your missing makable putts is how you learn the art of putting… and that putter in your closet probably still works fine!

      • I agree, there’s no substitute for practice, and there are no magic putters. But I think it’s wrong to dismiss the arrow. A properly fitted putter that matches your eye and stroke will help maximize your performance on the green. Too many recreational golfers are winging it when it comes to their putting tool, and it’s not doing them any favors.

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