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Tour Sticks: Jim Furyk’s Putter

Tour Sticks: Jim Furyk’s Putter

Odyssey Golf’s Versa putters are on a “major” roll this summer. Three weeks ago, Phil Mickelson staged an epic final round with a custom Versa putter to claim the British Open Crown. Now, Jim Furyk is leading the charge heading into the final round at the PGA Championship.

Jim Furyk’s putter is an Odyssey Versa #1 Wide with white-black-white alignment pattern (click here for our report on the Versa alignment technology and patterns). While Furyk has played musical putters throughout his career, he recently settled into a groove with a Versa putter that he bought at a retail store.

However, according to tour sources, the putter he’s bagging this week is brand new. It is customized to have a bit more offset and a single bend shaft instead of the stock double bend, but the toe hang of the putter remains identical to the stock model. And at 35.5 inches it’s a half-inch longer than his previous model.

Like Mickelson, Furyk is also using an oversized SuperStroke putter grip designed to enhance hand stability through the stroke.

Who should use it: Golfers seeking an innovative alignment feature to help keep their aim on track. 

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