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Unboxing! Rose & Fire Putter Covers

Unboxing! Rose & Fire Putter Covers

We earlier reported on the launch of Rose & Fire, a new company dedicated to the production of high-quality head covers for putters and other clubs.

Now we have this hands-on first look at two putter covers from Rose & Fire’s Explorer Series: the black Ballistic Nylon model and the Military Grade Nylon Camouflage model, both made in California.

Right out of the box ¬†these covers wowed us with their superior materials, construction and thoughtfulness. Both covers feel like they would keep your putter unscathed even if you dragged it behind a car. Not that you would ever do that (unless maybe you four-putted on the 18th hole)…But clubs have been known to tumble out of the cart, so you can never have too much protection.

The camouflauge model is particularly badass. The military grade nylon feels heavenly to the touch, and the brown leather Rose & Fire badge looks striking against the earth tones of the pixeled camo.

Other design elements impress as well. Each cover has a small loop handle on the toe for easy removal from the club. A zippered pocket provides a convenient place to stash your ball marker. When you unzip the pocket, the liner is red–a subtle and elegant tie-in to the Rose & Fire brand color.

Both covers employ velcro closures. While some golfers prefer magnet closures, the velco strips on these covers feel secure and durable.

The Rose & Fire covers have already been picked up by Fairway Golf. The suggested retail is $39.99.

In our estimation, the durability of these putter covers is unsurpassed, and the thoughtful design touches only add to the appeal. Right out of the gates, the Rose & Fire putter covers rank among the top in their class.

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