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BOOM! Here Comes The Grenade Putter

BOOM! Here Comes The Grenade Putter

Tyler “Sully” Sullivan is a man on a mission to blow up the golf equipment market with BombTech Golf.  In his words, “BombTech Golf was started in 2011 out of necessity. After my 7th broken driver in two months, I threw my hands in the air and said that is enough. At the exact moment I started building golf clubs and more specifically drivers…I knew what production process and what metals would perform well but needed a partner in design…At that point, I decided to reach out to my alma mater, the University of Vermont.” Working with senior engineering students, he designed the Grenade driver, a 460cc beast with an innovative dual-cavity design. Now Sully is going from tee to green with the new BombTech Grenade Putter (see sneak peak prototype mold in photos above and below), as detailed in the following exclusive interview:

What is the vision behind BombTech Golf?

We use a pure engineering approach and the finest quality materials to create golf products that you are proud to swing. This approach combined with our direct-to-consumer sales strategy allows us to offer superior performance at an aggressive price.

Our vision for BombTech Golf is to expand our product lines into areas where we can improve current products on the market. In addition, we pledge not to release new product unless it outperforms its previous model. It could be awhile! The Grenade golf driver was the beginning, the 3 wood and 5 wood are natural extensions that utilize the dual-cavity design.


Until now, BombTech has been known for its Grenade driver. But now we hear that you’re going from tee to green with a new putter. What can you tell us about it?

The putter is our second major design project that we are working with University of Vermont to engineer. First, the Grenade Putter will be manufactured using a one-piece CNC milled production process. This type of manufacturing is expensive but offers feel and performance that is unmatched. This is enhanced by a perimeter-weighted mallet design that offers a very high MOI for stability on off-center hits. Lastly, the putter will weigh in at at nearly 445 grams! More material means more money, but it will offer increased performance and quieter hands. Our expectations are extremely high for this putter and it is 100 percent made in USA.

What sets your new putter apart in terms of features and benefits?

Our designs offers a conventional look but a high MOI feature with alignment aids to help all golfers. The weight and manufacturing process have been done before, but not sold direct to consumer. Like we said, the finest quality at aggressive prices.

When and where will the Grenade Putter be available?

The putter will be available to pre-order in two to three weeks and will be sold on our website at bombtechgolf.com.

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