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Cure RX2 Putters Make Tour Debut

Cure RX2 Putters Make Tour Debut

New putters come and many go, but few arrive with as bold a claim as “the most technologically advanced putter ever made.” And only one putter making that claim is endorsed by a former PGA Tour Commissioner. That would be the new Cure RX2 putter by Veritas Golf, which recently made its debut on the Champions Tour.

The Cure RX2 putter ($269) features a long, lightweight aluminum blade head with two changeable weights in the heel and toe. Different weights can be installed to create a total head weight ranging from a standard 350 to a whopping 650 grams. Veritas Golf says that the Cure RX2’s weight distribution creates an ultra-high “Moment of Inertia” for resistance to twisting and turning. According to the company, “Cure Rx Putters deliver more MOI than any other putter in golf today.”

Veritas Golf was founded by PGA teaching professional Jeff Ryan and architect Steve Davis. They have since partnered with former PGA Tour Commissioner Deane Beman, who improved upon the original Cure RX1 putter by suggesting that the heel and toe weights could be reconfigured to also serve as alignment discs. According to the company, “The ball forms the ‘point’ of a triangle with the two alignment discs on the heel and toe of the putter…This triangle can be easily, naturally and dependably aimed on the line of the putt.”

The RX2 putter also boasts an adjustable lie angle technology, allowing the golfer to fit the lie to his or her setup.

So is the Cure RX2 the most technologically advanced putter ever made? That’s debatable. But there’s no denying that it packs a ton of tech into an interesting stick.

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