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New “Swash by Lynx” Putters

New “Swash by Lynx” Putters

This must be “blast from the past” week here at PutterZone. First, we reported on the new Tad Moore putters by Orlimar. Now it’s time to talk about the new Lynx putters designed by noted British putting instructor Harold Swash.

Indeed, under the banner of “the cat is back,” Lynx Golf, like Orlimar, is on the comeback trail, and the Swash putters are its latest offering.

The awkwardly named “Swash by Lynx” putters feature a trapezoidal “Pyramid Groove Design.” According to Lynx Golf, “This revolutionary pattern combats the ‘gear effect’ on off-center strikes – where impact towards the toe of the putter causes putts to finish short right and impact towards the heel causes putts to finish short left.”

The Swash by Lynx line includes the Isis and Luxor blade putters, Memphis mallet and Ramses “supermallet.” Lynx is based in the UK. There is no word yet on U.S. availability.

Swash was closely aligned with Yes! Putters for many years, a brand also known for its grooved-face putters. So you could say that Harold Swash is getting his groove back with Lynx Golf. Stay tuned for more information on the Swash by Lynx putters.

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