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Secret Grip Gains Tour Success

Secret Grip Gains Tour Success

As more golfers seek new tools for stability in the wake of the announced ban on anchored (ie: belly) putters, “counterbalancing” has become the latest rage in the putter world.

Indeed, several putter companies, including heavyweights such as Odyssey and TaylorMade, have recently rolled out counterbalanced putters, featuring heavy grips that counterbalance the putter head and raise the balance point of the club for enhanced stability.

With all of the talk about counterbalancing these days, you might think it’s a new concept. But Boccieri Golf’s Heavy Putter was promoting counterbalancing a full 10 years ago.

And starting last year, Boccieri Golf began offering its Secret Grip, a weighted counterbalancing putter grip that can be installed on any putter. The Secret Grip is made out of a heavy rubber compound with a tungsten weight embedded in the butt end. According to the company, the Secret Grip “raises the club’s balance point and forces players to use their larger, more stable muscles. The result is a highly repeatable and reliable stroke.”

Now the Secret Grip is beginning to make headway on the professional circuits. It notched a top four finish at last week’s PGA Tour’s Valspar Championship, as well as a win on the Web.com tour last year. It is also endorsed by Jack Nicklaus.

As pictured above, the Boccieri Golf Secret Grip putter models include three sizes/weights: Classic (100 grams), Midsize (155 grams) and Jumbo (165 grams). The Secret Grip is also available for other clubs in the bag besides putters.

For golfers seeking a steadier path through the ball without anchoring or buying a new putter, the Secret Grip provides an intriguing  option.



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