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Tour Sticks: Michelle Wie’s Putter

Tour Sticks: Michelle Wie’s Putter

Michelle Wie’s comeback reached a crescendo over the weekend with a two-stroke victory at the U.S. Women’s Open, a major tournament win that may signal a return to dominance.

Michelle Wie’s putter during the tournament was a Nike Method 006 blade putter. The Method 006 putter is part of the Method Midnight line that followed the original Method putters, but Wie’s model appears to have the original stainless steel finish compared to the darker finish of the Midnight putters.

Method_Midnight_SoleThe Nike Method line, and particularly the high-end original milled Method and subsequent Midnight Method putters, has quietly staged a dominating run on the professional circuits over the past four years. The original Method notched two major victories before being released to the public, then earned another at the Masters shortly thereafter. Tiger Woods has been bagging a Method 001 during his comeback.

The Nike Method putter may still not be a household name, but is has become on of the world’s top performers on the professional greens.

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  1. Gotta love a good blade putter!!! Great win from “The Big Wiesy”!!!

  2. Midnight 006 is quite different to Michelle Wie’s 006 or Rory’s 006 which are prototype putters designed in The Oven.

    Although Rory’s and Michelle’s might be the same head, her putter has a very long neck

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