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The Future Is Now: Odyssey Teams Up with StrackaLine

The Future Is Now: Odyssey Teams Up with StrackaLine

Stracka_ViewAs the world’s best golfers ply their trade at the British Open today, invoking the ghosts of golf’s past at the legendary course at Royal Liverpool, you might be forgiven for forgetting just how far golf technology has come in a short time–and not just for the professionals, but for the average recreational golfer.

One of the most striking examples of “the future is now” is the StrackaLine Pro app for Apple iOS (an Android version is slated for later this year). In the words of StrackaLine, the app “uses state-of-the-art 3D laser technology that scans the surface of putting greens to determine the exact slopes and breaks. It displays that data on the StrackaLine app in 2D and 3D views, complete with fall line arrows, making it easier than ever for golfers to read putts correctly.”

Translation? You can pull out your phone on the green and immediately get crucial information on the break of your next putt.

The StrackaLine app is free, but you do need to pony up for a $19.99 annual subscription if you want to use it on an ongoing basis. That’s not an extravagant charge, considering that the company is investing in surveying and scanning greens at hundreds of courses across the country.

The app also got a big boost recently with the announcement of an official sponsorship affiliation with Odyssey Golf. “Odyssey Golf is proud to be associated with a technology that ultimately leads to better putting,” says Greg Sabella, Director of Marketing for Odyssey Golf. “We believe that StrackaLine not only uses technology to help players learn to read greens, but provides a unique second screen viewing option for golfers at home watching tournament coverage.”

Now consider this…Royal Liverpool first hosted the British Open in 1897. The iPhone was invented in 2007. And now you can pull one out of your pocket to enjoy state-of-the-art green reading.

Golf is timeless, but it is also seems to be moving at the speed of light.

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