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Hot Tech: Dead Aim Putters

Hot Tech: Dead Aim Putters

We wrote the book on putter fitting, so we are partial to putter companies that place an emphasis on training and education. One such standout is Dead Aim Putters, which offers an innovative sightline technology as well as a few inventive training add-ons to help golfers take proper aim and groove a better stroke.

For starters, the company’s patented sightline technology provides ingenious feedback for golfers who like to set up with their eyes directly over the ball. This technology consists of a sightline along the crown that is interrupted by three successive circular ports. These ports provide a window into putter’s upper sole, which is adorned with a corresponding sightline marked with three dots that can be visually centered with the ports.

Dead_Aim_AlignmentTherefore, when you set up with your eyes directly over the ball, the two lines will visually align (see photo at left). If your eyes or inside or outside of the ball, then the two lines will look disconnected. Furthermore, keeping the dots visually centered in the ports provided additional feedback on hand position relative to the line of the putt. For golfers seeking a simple system to foster a consistent setup with their eyes over the ball, the Dead Aim putter provides a winning formula.

Dead Aim putters come with an optional Center Strike Clip to help you groove your stroke and develop consistently centered contact with the ball. As Dave Gast of Dead Aim Putters explains, “The Center Strike Clip is an attachment that snaps onto the top of the putter head with two prongs that come down over the putter face.  The prongs are just slightly wider apart than the diameter of a golf ball so if you make anything other than dead center contact, the ball is deflected one way or the other.  It’s a great training tool to encourage consistent center strikes.”

The putters also come with an optional laser device that cleverly mounts to the ports in along the crown of the head, providing a perfect 90-degree reference target with the angle of the putter face.

Says Gast, “When setting up with the laser on, it’s obvious if you are not dead center on the target so working with the laser will retrain your hand-eye coordination to know that, at address, your putter is square to the target line.  When fixed to the top of the putter head, the laser beam will also show if you’re impact is too steep pushing the ball into the turf or too high creating a skip.”

The best thing is that these add-ons are simple to use for practice and, equally important, simple to remove when you want to get down to business.

The Dead Aim putter is available as a standard mallet for $149 (or $199 when including the clip and laser). There’s also a mid-length counterbalanced putter in the works, presumably to replace the belly version. Stay tuned for our complete Dead Aim putter review.




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