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Next Up: Odyssey Works Putters

Next Up: Odyssey Works Putters

Under the banner of “feel meets roll like never before,” Odyssey Golf is rolling out its new Odyssey Works putters.

In the words of principal designer Austie Rollinson, “Odyssey Works is the most complete embodiment of everything we know about making more putts.”

Odyssey appears to be starting off the new year with a bang, not to mention a flood of superlatives.

The primary hook of the Odyssey Works putters is the new “Fusion RX” face insert. According to Rollinson, the Fusion RX couples Odyssey’s famed White Hot insert with the thin stainless steel mesh associated with the company’s Metal-X putters. The idea is to combine the feel of the White Hot insert with the enhanced roll of the Metal-X technology.

Along the way, Odyssey has taken the “fusion” concept to perhaps unparalleled heights. Not only are these putters combining familiar Odyssey names like White Hot and Metal X, but also throwing 2-Ball, Tank and Versa into the mix.

For example, pictured here is the new 2-Ball Fang with Versa alignment and the Fusion RX face insert which combines White Hot and Metal X properties to create “the most accurate 2-Ball of all time.” Got that?

Other Odyssey Works models include the famed #7 and #9 shapes. There seems to be something for everyone in this line, including counterbalanced Tank putters as well as longer Arm Lock putters.

Look for the Odyssey Work putters starting at the end of the month at a starting price of $179.



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