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PING Unveils New Cadence Putters

PING Unveils New Cadence Putters

The legendary Anser putter gets a new look in the new year as PING unveils its new line of Cadence putters, ranging from $185 to $245 depending on the model.

In all, the Cadence line features eight models, including four new designs (Anser W, B65, Tomcat C, Rustler) and a counter-balanced option (Anser 2 CB), providing a range of options to fit all stroke types from straight, slight arc to pronounced arc. Color-coded shaft bands show the stroke matching intent of each putter.

Meanwhile, the PING Cadence putters come with variable colored True Roll (TR) face inserts for added fitting options. Putters with blue aluminum inserts are traditionally weighted, with the aim of fitting golfers with mid-to-fast stroke tempos. Heavier versions with black stainless steel inserts are designed to match slower stroke tempos.

So how do you determine the best fit for you? Well, PING has that covered as well with its perennially awesome fitting app, which measures your stroke path, tempo and more.

For golfers seeking a practical road map to a better fit, it sounds like the color-coded PING Cadence putters are set to help lead the way.

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