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Hot Tech: Cleveland’s New TFi 2135 Putters

Hot Tech: Cleveland’s New TFi 2135 Putters

Cleveland Golf is calling it “revolutionary.” We might simply opt for “f**** brilliant.”

We speak of the alignment technology on the new Cleveland Golf TFi 2135 putters, which consists of a raised sightline that matches the exact radius of a regulation golf ball. In other words, when the club is grounded, the sightline runs parallel to the ground at a height of 21.35 millimeters, which is dead center with the ball at address.

Most blade putters feature a sightline that runs along the center of the bottom flange. Such sightlines are merely a common ornamentation as opposed to something given much thought—which is why their efficacy is so limited. Indeed, unless your eyes are directly over the ball, a sightline along the bottom flange can create an optical illusion that you are properly aligned when, in fact, you are not.

And, of course, not all golfers set up with their eyes directly over the ball. Despite the common instructional mantra of “eyes over the ball (or target line)” when putting, many modern instructors prefer that you keep your eyes inside the target line. And even if you think you set up with your eyes over the ball, they may not be. They might be slightly inside, or outside, of the line without you sensing it.

Which brings us to the 2135 alignment technology, which provides a fixed optical alignment reference regardless of setup position. In the words of Cleveland Golf, “Regardless of whether a golfer putts with their eyes behind, directly over, or well over the golf ball, Cleveland Golf’s new TFi 2135 putters create perfect alignment.”

Photos don’t do the concept justice, so check out the video below, and pay particular attention at the 57-second mark for a good look at the difference between a traditional blade sightline and this one as the setup view changes.

One caveat is that we haven’t had these putters in hand yet, but based on what we’ve seen so far, it seems like there can only be upside to this alignment scheme, and possibly some game-changing help for golfers who may be unknowingly vexed by the conventional alignment line on their current putter.

The putters come in three models ranging from $129 (for the 1.0 model heel-toe weighted blade and 6.5 model mid-blade) to $169 (for the 8.0 counterbalanced blade). Stay tuned for our Cleveland TFi 2135 putter review.


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