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Cool Father’s Day Golf Gifts

The gift of golf is something many of us receive from our fathers, whose love for the game is inherited by, and encouraged in, the next generation.

Now you can give a little bit of golf back to your dad with the following Father’s Day (June 15, 2008) gift recommendations:

Epoch Tees by Evolve Golf ($6.99 for combo pack of 50 tees)
Your father should drink green tea for his health, but for longer distance he needs “green” tees by Evolve Golf. Evolve’s Epoch eco-friendly tees promise three to 12 yards of added distance via a proprietary design that minimizes friction between the ball and tee. Epoch tees are made from a recycled material that biodegrades but is more resilient and less breakable than wood. Since 2004, Epoch tees have been used in 99 tour wins, including 27 victories on the PGA Tour. PutterZone.com recently tried these tees out and confirmed that they can take a serious beating without breaking. Also, the ball sits nicely in the “zero interference post,” so you don’t have to worry about your dad working overtime to tee it up.

TaylorMade TP Black LDP Balls ($39/dozen)
TaylorMade’s golf balls will also give your pop more pop off the tee. In a recent Golf Magazine study, the TaylorMade TP Black LDP ball ranked tops among all balls tested in total distance. Three other TaylorMade Balls (TP Red LDP, Burner and Burner TP) also ranked in the top ten in total distance. The TaylorMade TP balls are also great for putting, offering supple feedback without being too squishy or fuzzy.

Golfdotz ($4.99/dozen)
Golfdotz are a cool new item that allows you to tattoo your golf balls with a wide variety of fun designs, including one just for dad (pictured at top). Other designs include lucky shamrocks, space aliens, racing flames, skulls and spiders. Click here for PutterZone.com’s earlier story on Golfdotz to get the scoop on these remarkable little tattoos.

Q-Link Accessories ($99 to $199)
Let’s face it, at one time or another we have all heightened the stress levels of our fathers (remember the time you broke your curfew and…well, let’s not talk about that). Now you can help your dad decompress with golf-oriented accessories by Q-Link, whose “sympathetic resonance technology (SRT)” is designed to help “restore natural balance to players of all ages and abilities, facilitating the peak mental and physical performance needed to improve scoring.” SRT ultimately promises “more energy, less stress, greater focus, and enhanced well-being.” Q-Link stands by their product, offering your money back if your dad doesn’t shave three strokes in three rounds when wearing a Q-Link item. PutterZone.com is currently sporting a Q-Link necklace pendant ($99), and it does seem to impart good vibes. At the very least, it’s a stylish accessory. If your dad doesn’t do necklaces, then the masculine new Q-Link bracelet (pictured here, $129 to $199) is the way to go. Even if your dad doesn’t buy the jive, he might dig the look.

Heavy Putter C2-DF ($169)
You can sweeten your dad’s sweet spot and smooth out his stroke with the new Heavy Putter Deep Face (DF) models. The DF putters feature the same counterbalanced weighting technology found on earlier Heavy Putter models, but with the added feature of a putter face that is one-quarter inch taller than conventional putters. This feature more closely aligns the equator of the golf ball with the sweet spot of the clubface. The C2-DF model might be the best of both worlds for your dad, as it incorporates the Heavy Putter’s forward-thinking technology within a more familiar Anser-style head.

Adidas Golf Powerband Sport Shoes ($120)
Your father grew up in an era when one would have been slapped silly for mentioning “shoes” and “technology” in the same sentence. But times have changed, and so should your dad if he’s still wearing inferior golf shoes. Enter the new Adidas Golf Powerband Sport Shoes, which offer an “advanced combination of swing-enhancement technologies and inner climate-control construction.” Translation: more comfort, more support and more leverage. Breathable yet water resistant, these shoes also ensure that your dad isn’t thinking about his wet socks instead of his alignment when attempting that crucial putt.

Bushnell Tour V2 Laser Rangefinder ($349)
The advent of handheld GPS systems for golfers has been remarkable, but there’s still room for the rangefinder when it comes to figuring out your distance to the pin or hazard. How far have rangefinders come? The Bushnell Tour V2 Laser Rangefinder “provides instantaneous measurements in yards and meters with +/- one yard accuracy.” Bushnell’s PinSeeker technology “locks in on the flagstick, minimizing inaccurate readings.” The V2 measures just 4.3 x 2.8 x 1.6 inches, which isn’t much larger than a credit card. Best of all, unlike GPS devices, the V2 works right out of the box—meaning that your dad doesn’t need to goof around with a computer in order to get it ready for golf.

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