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2009 Power Picks: Mallet Putters

PutterZone.com’s 2009 Power Picks continue today with the Mallet Category, recognizing the “best of the best” mallet putters tested and reviewed by PutterZone.com over the past 12 months, including several new models heading into 2009.

The following Power Picks are based on the factors of performance, craftsmanship, technology, innovation and aesthetics:


SeeMore Silverback SB1 ($225)

SeeMore hits another home run with its new Silverback mallet. Milled in the U.S.A. from 6061 aerospace aluminum, the Silverback features three weight ports along the upper spine. An optional weight kit ($15) includes three seven-gram weight cylinders that mate with the ports, enabling the golfer to choose from among four different head weights. The center-weighted design fosters remarkable accuracy for both arcing strokes and straight-back-and-through strokes. Read the review.

Rife Two-Bar Hybrid ($199)

The Hybrid combines the best attributes of Rife’s earlier best sellers, the Two Bar mallet and Barbados mallet. By maintaining the clean look of the Barbados while incorporating the customizable Two Bar weighting system, the Hybrid is a putter whose sum is greater than its original parts. The addition of an aluminum-polymer insert adds value to the package. Read the review. For 2009, Rife is rolling out a newer version of the Hybrid under the Tour Series banner.

Sizemore SM-2 Player’s Series ($219)

There’s not an ounce of copycat in Bruce Sizemore’s putter designs, as evidenced in the SM-2 mallet, which is truly unique in both style and features. The SM-2 offers an optional kit ($20) featuring customizable alignment inserts to suit personal preference, as well as interchangeable end caps to customize the head weight. The SM-2 is beautiful putter to behold, and it offers performance to match. Review forthcoming.


TaylorMade Itsy Bitsy Spider ($199)

The diminutive offspring of the groundbreaking Spider mallet, the Itsy Bitsy improves upon the original by offering equal performance in a sleeker package. Read the review.

Nike IC 20-10B ($139)

The 20-10B mid-size mallet is the latest entry in Nike’s optically edgy IC series. Purists may scoff at the all-green look, but this putter delivers on its promise of calm visuals and solid performance. Review forthcoming.

Slotline Raider ($199)

The Raider is shaped like a blade but has the girth of a mallet—allowing it to sneak into these Power Picks as an excellent choice for golfers who prefer a more traditional profile but seek the oversized stability of a mallet. Read the review.

P.S. Stay tuned for PutterZone.com’s 2009 Power Picks for the Best Buy Category.


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