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Insider Interview: Never Compromise Putters

Never Compromise's Adam Sheldon

While Never Compromise has seemingly been in hibernation since the launch of its Never Compromise Exchange Series putters more than two years ago, its putters have continued to rack up huge results on the professional circuits, proving the old axiom that quantity doesn’t equal quality. Now, Never Compromise is teeing up its new X-Ray putters, which are the successors to its Exchange putters. The new “NCX-RAY” putters will be available starting in May. PutterZone.com first reported on the X-Ray putters in January, and just yesterday published some exclusive closeups of their new Suspended Face Technology (SFT).   

PutterZone.com spoke with Never Compromise’s Business Unit Leader Adam Sheldon to find out more about the new Never Compromise X-Ray putters—and about where the Never Compromise brand is headed. Following is our exclusive interview:

What sets the new Never Compromise X-Ray putters apart, and how will they benefit the average golfer? And what does the name X-Ray signify?
The putters feature a “Suspended Face Technology.” SFT technology limits the surface area in contact with the ball to improve directional dispersion, and also provides consistent ball velocity across the face.

NCX-RAY putter

The dual density insert uses isolated ribs embedded in a softer composite which provides ultimate dampening yet a responsive feedback.

By using the ultra lightweight face material, we were able to reposition up to 80 grams. That’s nearly 25 percent of the head weight of the putter that we were able to move into the extremities of the design, which gives these putters great MOI properties.

The name X-Ray came from the fact that we wanted to visually show the lightweight insert, and what better way to do that than a translucent material? You can see through it, similar to an x-ray.

Additionally, the NCX-Ray putters incorporate a gray-and-red alignment feature. This helps golfers achieve a consistent setup and improved alignment.

In an age when golf brands are expected to release new product lines or line extensions each year, if not every six months, Never Compromise has been pretty quiet in terms of product launches for the past two years, causing many folks to wonder what happened. Where has Never Compromise been all this time?
Our Exchange putters have been very successful, which was why we created eight models over the last two years, but we felt that this was enough variation for that line.

Never Compromise has been hard at work preparing for this new launch, but at the same time we have been testing new designs out on the PGA Tour. In fact, last year Never Compromise putters earned over $34 million in prize money.

The new Never Compromise X-Ray putters seem to represent a bit of a stylistic departure from earlier Never Compromise putters. Was that a conscious decision?
Yes, we wanted to change the look of the X-RAY. We felt that the insert was too cool to hide! We really wanted it to stand out, but we needed to keep our successful gray alignment feature in the product, too. By moving away from the standard look, it really allowed us a lot of design freedom, and I think that this is very apparent in the new putters.

Do you foresee expanding the NCX-RAY line later this year, or adding a new line to the Never Compromise family anytime soon?
We already have new designs being tested, and we will bring them to market once we get validation from the professional tours. We also have some new product lines in the making. So, yes, there is more to come from Never Compromise!

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