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SeeMore Putters in Business Week

Anyone interested in the putter industry will enjoy this recent feature story in Business Week, showcasing the fall and rise of the SeeMore Putter Company.

At the time the company was acquired by Jim Grundberg and Jason Pouliot in 2006, the company’s annual sales were just $50,000. Today, sales are more than 30 times that amount. PutterZone.com is happily quoted in the story as saying that the new owners “took a good thing and made it better.”

From our viewpoint, SeeMore’s growing success is based on two business fundamentals: quality and customer service. Yes, when Zach Johnson won the 2007 Masters with a SeeMore putter in hand, the company got a “major” boost in visibility. But the impact of that exposure would have been fleeting if the aforementioned fundamentals were not in place.

Simply put, and at the risk of sounding like “fanboys,” SeeMore is turning out putters of superior quality, and selling them with a remarkable commitment to serving the customer. It’s a powerful one-two punch that has positioned SeeMore as one of the golf industry’s strongest niche players. And it is, therefore, a story worthy of being spotlighted in Business Week.

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