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2013 Father’s Day Golf Gift Guide

2013 Father’s Day Golf Gift Guide

Let’s face it, dads put up with a lot of crap from their kids, starting with diaper changes, following with chore avoidance and continuing with teenage shenanigans and who-knows-what-else. So no wonder he’s always enjoyed a relaxing day at the golf course. Now that Father’s Day is almost upon us, it’s time to say thanks with something special for enjoying his favorite sport. Here are some of our top picks for your pop:

Nike Drone 2.0 Putter ($169)
Your dad may initially flinch at the un-traditional look of the Nike Drone 2.0, but he will thank you later when this space-age mallet helps him sinks more putts. As golfers get older, their putting game can get shakier. The Nike Drone 2.0 putter’s high MOI design offers advanced stability and forgiveness to help pops keep his putts on line.

Criquet Golf Shirt (starting at $75)
There’s no shortage of dorky golf shirts out there, and even the sportier ones rarely translate from the green to the street. So give your dad a sartorial makeover and get him an organic cotton shirt by Criquet Organic Shirts, so that he can play well—off the course as well as on. And for all of the fancy synthetic “performance” fabrics out there, you can’t go wrong with high-quality cotton when it comes to comfort.

Kentwool Performance Golf Socks (starting at $20)
We can’t recommend Kentwool socks enough. The comfort and quality are unparalleled. Your dad probably isn’t going to go out and splurge on a pair of $20 socks, which is why you should.

Cleveland My Custom Wedge (starting at $165)
During our recent tour of Cleveland Golf, we saw just how committed the company is to raising your short game—and to also making the game fun with a variety of custom design options. With Cleveland’s innovative My Custom Wedge feature, you can get your dad a new Cleveland RTX wedge that will not only help him knock it up and down, but that will also knock his socks off.

Putter Perfection ($12 on Amazon)
We have a dog in this hunt, because we wrote this book…But the truth is that your pops is likely putting with a stick that doesn’t fit. Putter Perfection will walk him through the fundamentals of putter fitting and help him find a better fit for better results on the green. And that’s a gift that will keep on giving.

For life beyond the green, here are a few additional picks for pops: 

Nixon “The Private” Watch ($139)
A lot of golf-oriented watches may be sporty, but not they’re not necessarily stylish. So help your dad make a fashion statement with a Nixon watch like “The Private” model. These watches are popular in the surf-skate culture, but they are also rock-solid accessory for any man-about-town activities.

Black List by Brad Thor ($8.99)
If your dad enjoys literary escapism, then get him a copy of Black List by Brad Thor—an action-packed international thriller loaded with double crosses and ass kicking, courtesy of protagonist Scott Harvath. A guaranteed page turner that’ll keep dad entertained.

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