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Cool Stuff: Srixon Z-STAR Spin Skin Balls

Cool Stuff: Srixon Z-STAR Spin Skin Balls

One of golf’s worst-kept secrets is now official, as Srixon Golf has officially lifted the media embargo on its new Z-STAR & Z-STAR XV balls with Spin Skin technology…

According to Srixon, the Spin Skin technology is “driven to improve greenside performance without sacrificing distance,” and they say that it improves friction between the ball and club face by 20 percent. The new Z-STAR balls with Spin Skin have already racked up more than 40 professional wins worldwide.

PutterZone recently took an exclusive tour of the Cleveland-Srixon headquarters, and we saw first hand how dead serious they are about helping golfers improve their short game. So this talk of the new ball “improving greenside performance” bodes well.

But there’s another reason we’re excited about these balls, and that’s because we’ve always found the Z-STARs to offer excellent feel off the putter face. They reside in that cozy space between hard and squishy, for a nice supple feel and clean feedback on the putting green.

Look for the new Srixon Spin Skin balls to hit retailers starting on August 8 for $44.99/box.

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