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Putt Better: Shrink Your Target

Putt Better: Shrink Your Target

When you’re standing over a crucial putt, the hole can look mighty tight. But what if there was a way to make the hole look more open and accommodating during pressure situations?

Well, there is a way, and it’s called reduced-size target training. This type of training exists in almost every sport, from tiny whiffle balls to enhance batting skills to small rims for honing basketball shooting accuracy.

The same concept can be applied to your putting practice by aiming toward a smaller target, such as a reduced-size cup, a specially designed aid (such as the Dead Zero putting disk, pictured here), or even a target of your own making.

Grab your best putter and stroke some level practice putts from five to eight feet at your reduced-size target, then immediately practice similar putts aimed at a regulation cup. Suddenly, the cup won’t look quite so tight. And if you can take that newfound confidence to the course, it may bridge the performance gap between a lip out and a lip in.

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